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I'm Josephine Zwaan.

I co-founded rosetta., I rap and produce as 
SUZOOKI SWIFT, and I'm focused on driving inclusivity and decoloniality in the field of electronic music production. 

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rosetta. is an innovative platform for female and non-binary music producers, co-founded by Eva van Manen and me.

We are building a learning community for a new generation of music producers, based on inclusive and decolonial principles. 

To get in touch with rosetta., send your message to

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I rap, produce and perform as my alter-ego SUZOOKI SWIFT. Crossing boundaries of reality and fiction, I explore alternative ways of being in music: dangerous, elusive and unapologetic.

Listen to the 'Suzooki Swift' EP, watch the music video for 'Swimmin', and stay updated through Instagram.  

For bookings and other inquiries, send your message to


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